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May 15, 2004 - 12:42 pm

last night when we were all drunked up (or i was at least) and playing gin before hitting the hay, our neighbours decided to have a huge fight. we could hear quite a bit of it and i wanted to hush c's loud card-shuffling so that we could hear more. apparently he doesn't have a job and when she signed him into the country (he's from the u.k. where they met) she said she'd support him and i guess she has been and she's hopping mad about it being 8 months now. i guess i'm becoming a nosy neighbour, but with our living situation it's hard not to be.

this morning i headed out to meet kristen and get in on all that garage-sale action. me being on a bike with a wicker basket on the front i was pretty limited in my purchasing options, but i did manage some good scores. for 50 cents, i bought a beautiful harlequin curtain panel that may stay as a curtain or will be turned into a pillow or a skirt. i also bought some cds (alfie, hot hot heat, neil halstead, damien jurado, billy bragg and wilco, and takako minekawa) from a much hated georgia straight music journalist and a kids spanish alphabet book. a nice haul for very little cash.

i also stocked up on fruit at the santa barbara and i think i'll make a fruit salad for lunch. while i was figuring out how to stuff 3 large stalks of rhubarb into my bike basket, a very hott urban professional man with beautiful eyes started chatting me up. it was pretty flattering! who knew i still had the stuff??

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