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May 03, 2004 - 5:57 pm

today i worked at my one job for the first time in 2 weeks. it felt good to be back....well, actually, it will feel good to get a paycheque again. i'll need all the money i can for our trip to portland on thursday. if anyone had any good portland tips, let me know!

as for the weekend, it was a-okay. saturday i went to the horse races and met up with kyla and sergio. i played six dollars and lost six dollars. as i lamented my loss, i overheard a high roller saying that he had lost fifteen hundred on a horse. well, i'm okay with my small potatoes. after the races we watched boys in no shirts skate the bowl at hastings park. we walked towards home and met up with cornelius after his shift at the library was up. we were being blah and wishy-washy about evening plans but we eventually decided on a picnic and fruity blender drinks. by the time we got sushi from the clubhouse and made the rummy drinks (pina coladas, strawberry-lime, and banana/mango/strawberry), the sun was down. we grabbed tea lights and enjoyed the warm evening air and i think even a cartwheel was attempted. when the winds picked up and the rain started to fall, we headed indoors and played a few rounds of waterworks, where i lost every game due in part to my poor spacial relation skills.

sunday was busy with a trip to ikea to hopefully end the last of our bedroom overhaul. it was kind of a strained trip as my friend k joined us. she's dating an obnoxious vegan and she's starting to spout that kind of political, holier than thou rhetoric. she's an old friend of mine and i can put up with a lot of stuff, but c was getting a bit upset, especially as she was picking on him. cornelius didn't eat any breakfast or lunch and by the time we got to ikea he was starving and ordered 2 hotdogs and when he said that he was considering getting a cinnamon bun too, k just peeled into him calling him glutonous and piggish. it was pretty crazy....especially since c is pretty underweight and skinnier than hell. but regardless of c's size, k's rant was uncalled for. i sure hope that she mellows out soon. i was a vegetarian for over 10 years and never once commented on anything anyone was eating and none of my friends at the time were vegetarian. the rest of the night was dinner with c's parents at a mexican restaurant.

oh yeah, and c's parents generously gave us their camper van!! we'll use it during the summer to camp and go on trips since we've got that freewheeling freelance lifestyle right now. next spring we'll sell it and buy a small lil' pick-up and use the rest of the cash for our property dreams. but first, we'll need to find a parking space for it out of our neighbourhood cuz it would get broken into prolly once a week. so if anyone has a parking space they'd be willing to rent out, let me know! but right now, we're debating over what bumper sticker to get. c favours "if the rig is rockin, don't come knockin" but i'm more in favour of the classier "sexy grandpa".

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