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May 01, 2004 - 10:15 am

last night, shortly after writing yesterday's entry, i flung a mouse outside the kitchen window. i was in the kitchen debating what to make for dinner when i head a noise in the sink. a mouse was trapped and couldn't get out. i'd like to think that i was calm and rational but there was a freaking mouse in my sink!!!! and there was nothing rational about that. after a lot of shreiking and cursing that cornelius was at work, i grabbed a plastic vase and turned on the water, slowing the mouse down. i finally managed to scoop him up and i flung him, still scurrying up the sides of the vase, and the water out the kitchen window into the courtyard below.

i was shakey for several minutes....maybe an hour even. i've never come face-to-face with vermin before and even though it was tiny i was scared shitless. i figured out the mouse had come into our apartment through a hole around our taps so i quickly plugged it up with steel wool. we've never had mice here and i'm hoping that it was a one-time thing. when c moved into this apartment, it had roaches, but he managed to plug every crack and hole (minus one) with steel wool and the roaches were never seen from again. i'm hoping that we are running a pretty tight ship here, but it's unnerving to know that there are mice in this building. and where was snoopy, our cat, during this ordeal? sleeping on our couch.

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