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April 26, 2004 - 11:21 am

i'm pretty bad with money. i mean, i'm great at paying bills on time, i have little debt, i'm thrifty by nature and i really ponder each purchase that i make. BUT, i have a tendancy to forget about cheques. thankfully, my one job deposits my pay directly into my account, so my rent and bills get covered immediately. however, when i get handed a cheque from one of my other jobs, i often end up forgetting about it. it's definitely a problem. today i found a cheque from my other workplace that was buried under a pile of papers on my desk. last week, i had 3 cheques lying around in various places that had been sitting around for over a month. i'm sure that the annoying blonde woman with big teeth who does that financial show on television would say that i'm probably not respecting money and that is why i'm not getting anywhere. but whatever it is, it's getting to be a problem. i used to think it was fun that when i was really broke, i could just scrounge around and find a pay cheque or gst tax rebate and be a-okay. but that probably isn't the best way to manage my financial affairs.

this weekend was great. lots of friends and beer and tv and movie watching. randy, anita and kyla came by on friday and we caught up on silly but important tv shows as well as just shooting the shit. good times! saturday i had the day to myself and i decided to do some shopping and ended up buying the prettiest skirt at the store with the gayest name: winners. it looks like it came from anthropologie and would look just perfect with a crinoline...something i think i will have to buy since i'll be attending two weddings this summer and i'd like to look fancy. kyla came by in the evening and we chatted and watched movies. it was great to hang out with her as i know our time together is short...tho thankfully, she's not moving too too far away!

yesterday cornelius and i played tourist and explored areas of chinatown that we've never ventured into. we also visited the lovely zen gardens and watched all the tourist and pretty flowers. we had our camera snapping too so we blended perfectly. c went to work later in the day and i got some needed freelance work done. after he got back, we took a late night walk around our neighbourhood. even wearing just a hoodie and a skirt without knee-high socks or tights i felt pretty comfortable in the nighttime air.

today is going well considering that i'm not at work. i've applied for a job and i've gotten some work done too. i've pared down some clothing in my closet and will definitely be trying my luck at consignment stores or i might take a chance at exploring ebay. i even had time to watch some TLC and didn't feel guilty about it one bit. now, i'm heading out to get some vegetables and some sunshine.

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