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April 25, 2004 - 9:32 am

i have found a new love and his name is devendra banhart. i haven't listened to new music in a long while. my friend randy says that he also is sufferering the no-new-music predicament and doesn't listen to anything later than 1920. i can't quite pinpoint an actual date or anything, but i'm so out of the musical loop. the former record-store hipster in me rolls in her shallow grave. but anyway, back to devendra.

on friday, i came home from work and invented a great salad (involving, cabbage, cashews and bbq pork from chinatown). cornelius and i were listening to wfmu when this beautiful accoustic guitar started playing and a strange man/womanly voice started to sing. we were immediately enraptured and this was our introduction to devendra banheart. c immediately downloaded 2 of his records and it's been my soundtrack all weekend. i can't get enough. i'm searching articles on the web, reading reviews and viewing his artwork. devendra is being marketed as some kind of outsider artist, a genuine artifact, and i'm finding it really bothersome, but his music is amazing. oh devendra, thank you for putting me back into the record bins of 2004. and i'll definitely be in seattle in june to check out his live show.

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