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April 22, 2004 - 8:53 pm

last night i did my taxes and i owe over a thousand dollars. yikes! i actually thought i owed almost $2,500 but i forgot to add in my personal claim amount. phew! but it's still a lot of money that i don't have handy to pay for taxes. i'm curious is anyone knows what benefits there are to claiming your taxes as a couple (common law, married, etc.). me and c are curious. anyone?

last night i took a break from the current book i'm reading ("the rez" by ian frazier) cuz my hold from the library has come in. it's a financial book, surprisingly enough called "get a financial life" by beth kobliner. it's a pretty good read and filled with information. it also said that if you have a great rent deal (which we do) there really is no benefit to buying a home for investment reasons. this makes me relaxed. i was getting all antsy cuz everywhere i look, there are ads for new condos and everyone seems to be in a home-buying frenzy and it seemed to me that it's better to buy than rent. me and c have a joint savings account and we will use it for property, but we're not going to get all stressed out about it right now. we've got time. we've got cheapo rent now and we'll keep with it until we decide to have a kid or our landlord sells the place and evicts us. plus, i can't help but think of all those foreclosures that will some come 'round!

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