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April 21, 2004 - 11:21 am

today we saw a great apartment. 2 bedroom in the oh-so-lovely jackson apartments in our neighbourhood. the rent was $830 inclusive. hardwood floors, bright, roomy, lots of storage space, laundry. great! the thing is, we aren't really looking for a place and our rent is about half that and we are thinking about our future and looking to save $$$. but if anyone is looking for a place for may 1st in vancouver, email me and i'll give you the deets.

i'm not working today but neither is cornelius, so we are having a great day. no moping for me. plus, it's sunny and nice out! we ate breakfast at one of our old haunts and the waitress recognized us and welcomed us back. we never really liked this breakfast spot and we always called the coffee "teacoffee" cuz it was always so watery, but it was nice to be remembered. today cleaning the apartment is in store for us and i'm fine with that cuz it's better with two. also, i've got to get to work on my freelance. yikes!!

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