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April 05, 2004 - 7:15 pm

this weekend was kind of a bust. i had high hopes of meeting up with friends and seeing good bands but it didn't pan out. i rode my bike to the anza and met kyla and sergio outside. we chatted for a bit until i realized that while we were oblivious to our surroundings, a "sold out" sign was posted on the front door of the club. k and s already had their tickets but me and c did not. i was pretty bummed about the whole thing, as i wanted to see friends inside and drink beer and have a good ol' saturday night. instead, me and c rode our bikes home and then cuddled. bah. who needs cuddlin' when there is rock n' roll? damn.

the next day we headed to my very first old age home, as we celebrated cornelius' other grandma's birthday. when we walked in, i saw a nurse bent over an old man in a wheelchair. "is that a scab or a piece of roast beef?" she said as she wiped at something at the corner of his mouth. ewww. we did get to sneak out and venture onto the beaches of white rock which was a nice distraction from all the oldsters.

right now i'm just procrastinating. i've got a logo to design and it's kinda complicated and it's on a tight deadline. i cleaned the house when i got back from work. i took a long walk around the neighbourhood and now i'm here on dland. i've got to get to work.

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