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March 29, 2004 - 7:16 pm

saturday afternoon i was in la-la-land. i was thinking thoughts of love and whatever else happened to pop into my brain. i was not looking at where i was going tho i doubt if i had it would have made any difference. i fell. hard. on the sidewalk. the sidewalk was all buckled up because of some tree roots and i tripped and fell. i really hurt my right knee and i scraped off a lot of skin from my hand. luckily no one was around to watch my fall from grace but i instantly felt like a big retard. i immediately grabbed my cell phone and called cornelius at work and started crying while picking myself up off the ground. i had the phone in one hand and held my bleeding left hand in front of me like stigmata. when i got home, i cried some more and then realized that tho i'm pretty good about nursing someone else, i'm not very good about nursing myself. once i cleaned my wounds, i decided that there was no way in hell that i was going to have people over to my house that night. i was too grumpy and sore to clean house and shop for groceries and cook by myself. i called everyone and it was decided we'd meet at the main for beers.

when c came home, we ate dinner and then headed out....totally ready for beers and good friends. we had fun and i probably drank too much but it was worth it. sunday morning we stayed in bed for a deliciously long time and then had pancakes and then went back to bed for more good times. we lay in bed by the open window and let the warm breezes fool us into summer. before we knew it, c had to head to work and so did i. i had a logo to work on and couldn't force myself to start. so i worked out and that only made my knee crack like a walnut and hurt a helluva lot more. but by the end of the night, i managed to finish a few logo samples for my client and upload a whole new gallery to my portfolio. phew!

work was pretty slow today and i talked to my boss about how the new changes at work could effect my hours. she said that she doesn't know anything yet, but it didn't leave me with a very good feeling about things. she said that she wasn't even sure about her own job! yikes!! i think i'm ready to start looking for work now. i'm also mulling the idea of working at the library on-call too. i dunno. everyone i went out with on saturday works at the library as a library assistant. i think the library has become the new record store...and i don't know if i want to get on that train again. sigh.

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