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March 26, 2004 - 7:35 pm


i've been steadily growing out my bangs and it is really driving me nutso. i have decided that i will just have to clip them back with barrettes from now on because they are causing me much distress. my bangs don't just flip, they fly around and twist up and end up pointing to the ceiling. my hair is so fine that it just looks plain silly. i think it's time for a good haircut to shorten the rest of my hair so that my bangs will feel much longer in comparison.

as i must be in the mood for self-improvement....i think its time to move on from working out in my livingroom. yesterday as we were walking past the community centre gym, i saw our across-the-hall neighbour on the stairmaster. it made me want to head back to that gym again. i mean it's probably only 100 feet from my front door, so i really have no excuse. i'm so getting bored of the chippy girls in my workout tape even with the sound drowned out and !!! blaring on the stereo. i just know the routines too well and i even though i can't hear their vapid abs/butt related jokes, i still can recite them in my head. i think it's time to move 100 ft over to the gym.

last night cornelius serenaded me with that song from the darkness...you know the one that sounds like queen? that was really special.

the other day i was listening to wfmu and they started playing all of these different accents. so i had to type in the repeated phrase into google and this is what i found: http://classweb.gmu.edu/accent/. i got to compare a toronto accent with a vancouver accent and much more exotic accents too. hours of fun i tell you!

this weekend hasn't come fast enough. tonight it's relaxation with the last episode of sex in the city and some chillaxing with c. tommorrow i think we'll have people over and then head to the main to see some of c's friends play. yup, i'm ready to relax. oh yes!

ps. what is it with new bands and really screamy lead singers/side-by-side singers? i feel for their vocal chords and i'd like to give them a lozenge.

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