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March 23, 2004 - 2:22 pm

there wasn't enough work for me to stay a whole day today, so i was only there for 3.5 hours. that is not good. i expect to not work on wednesdays, but leaving early on a tuesday is BAD. i've really got to get my ass in gear and finish my portfolio as march is quickly drawing to a close. i've got to start looking for work, but it's too easy to be comfortable and complacent about it when i've got money in the bank. who will light the fire under my ass??

yesterday i had an enjoyable bike ride to and from work and then i decided to walk to the drive and pick up groceries. while there i picked up the latest bust magazine and then came home to readymade magazine in my mailbox. me and c dreamt up how we could redesign their tiny diy modular building into a small lofty cottage on an island. buy a condo in the city and buy land on one of the islands...yes, we're probably living in a dreamworld, but it somehow seems somewhat possible. well, possible after i get a full-time job!

on the weekend, c said that he thought we should have a baby. his reasoning(s): "they're free in that we don't have to buy a pricey model from a store" and "we've got the recipe and the right ingredients". whoa, hold on tiger! that will require more thinking. obviously.

last night we played a rousing game of "no pants" gammon. ie, backgammon with no pants. i think its a keeper.

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