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March 21, 2004 - 7:34 pm

it has been a most wonderful weekend. friday night, me and c walked to the drive and ate some delicious vietnamese food at the mekong. i can't believe that i had lived on the drive for 9 years and never had eaten there before. cheap and delicious. mmm. we then rented "capturing the friedman's" and thought that the dvd menu was brilliant. the movie was also wonderful and strange. loved it!! we stayed in bed until late on saturday and had a lazy-great time. cornelius made me a late breakfast and we headed out to wander the neighbourhood. it was sunny and warm and i didn't even need the light jacket i was wearing. we checked out garage sales and ran errands in the sunshine.

we had to go to a dessert party at 6pm. it was a work party held by someone in my office and i felt obligated to go, so we decided to make a key lime pie.....but i made it pink! it was tasty and a deserved dessert hit. we were outta there at 8pm and walked back home. me and c relaxed for a bit and then kyla came by and we headed out to the railway for an ol' time all girls night out to see patsy sing. it was great hanging out with kyla as we haven't seen much of each other in awhile. we chatted and drank and laughed and patsy joined us between sets. ah, it was like the good ol' days! we felt like old-timers and left the bar early sometime after 2am. it was nice to be back home and into c's willing arms even though he was half asleep. heaven.

i woke up late again and c was already off to an early morning shelving shift. it was another beautiful day and i rode my bike back to the drive to visit with my friend kristen. i checked out her new apartment in a very bland vancouver special and took her out for a belated birthday lunch. after we parted, i decided i desperately needed a coffee and sat in the sun outside of the uprising bakery before riding home.

i realized that c has been meeting most of my social needs as of late. i love being with him and could go on and gush about how much in love we are and how happy i feel when i'm with him, but it was nice to see and meet old faces this weekend. it's kind of isolating here in my strathcona neighbourhood and it was nice to break outside of my cozy love shell and chat face to face with good friends. i'm going to make a promise to myself to contact my friends more and actually call people on the phone and make plans to meet in person. what a novel idea!

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