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March 17, 2004 - 8:19 pm

last night we went for dinner at c's parents house. it was good n' all but i missed the shandi sex orgy on america's next top model. i just hope there is a repeat of it on tonight or else i just don't know what i'm going to do! (i am completely aware how pathetic i sound, but i guess that is just how my life is turning out).

actually, my life isn't so bad. i worked from home today and i headed to the drive to do some shopping. i ran into an old friend of mine and we chatted for ages and i realized that i've been living a pretty reclusive life one neighbourhood over in strathcona. i really should go out more and connect with more people. c is pretty reclusive and i think i'm picking up some of his habits. but on the upside, with all this alone time, i had time to invent a new salad. it involved cabbage, apples, a homemade peanut dressing (that i also made up) and chicken. it was pretty tasty and i've realized that almost all of the salads that i do create involve cabbage. is there a link between cabbage and being alone?

regardless of whether it's the cabbage or living in isolation in strathcona, i'm pretty happy right now....just some outside contact would be nice.

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