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March 10, 2004 - 5:50 pm

i've got the stereo turned on loud and everything sounds so good. i feel like i should be high....that's how good the music sounds. we've got a really nice set up and we've got excellent speakers but i don't remember music sounding this good. c thinks it's because after reorganizing our livingroom he moved the speakers on their side so that they are touching the wood shelving which makes it better for sound. that's too scientific for me. i think it's just cuz it's sunny and everything, everything is better in the springtime, even sound. on my walk to work i listened to primal scream's "vanishing point" and that even sounded amazing on my old old walkman.

i also think i'm just more interested in music again. it goes in phases for me. sometimes i just can't get enough and other times, i'm fine with whatever cornelius puts on. right now i'm in pure music mode: music all the time. itunes at work and my records and cds at home and it's old cassettes in transit. i have cornelius on soulseek finding me all kinds of stuff i've been reading about in magazines and i plan on spending some cold hard cash at zulu records very soon.

random bits:

1) what's in my 5 cd changer right now: apples in stereo's tone soul evolution, bedhead's transaction de novo, destroyer's thief, belle and sebastian's tigermilk, add n to x loud like nature

2) gads of pinkness. the love is surely due to all the cherry blossoms around my neighbourhood. it's also in stores everywhere! i've been wearing my mac eyeshadow in "pink freeze" on an almost daily basis and i hardly ever wear eye shadow. my pink clothing is getting heavy rotation.

3) today i bought that crest red sparkly cinnamon toothpaste. why? aren't sparkles and cinnamon a good enough reason?? (it was hard to justify this purchase as we've got a boatload of crest from costco, but....)

4) on the weekend i bought this moisturizer which i love. i've never really used moisturizers but i'm so happy with this one. good for my oily skin. it's about time at age 33 that i started some kind of skincare routine! i also bought some mop shampoo and conditioner. and all of it was $3.99 each at a salon on west broadway. i love the cheap!

5) i have to stop goofing off and start working on my portfolio. now!!

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