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March 08, 2004 - 11:36 pm

after working on some very boring templates for work, i decided to add a bit of spring to this diary. it was so warm today and i loved all the pink blossoms in the trees that i had to go with a cherry blossom look. it was fun working in illustrator and not worrying about what new icons i could create for work. i like it a lot. i also hope that miss demoderby won't mind my interpretation on the cherry blossom, either!

last night after we came home from the wedding, me and c went for a long walk around our neighbourhood. we discovered hidden streets and pushed the limits of our 'hood. it was fun to explore and dream about one day being able to buy a house in strathcona. like, i said, dreaming is the operative word. but it was nice to think about anyway.

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