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March 07, 2004 - 10:03 pm

last night me and c played backgammon for the first time. it got kinda boring because we weren't using the doubling-dice, so i'm sure it will become a much more cut-throat game next time we play. this morning while c was out doing the laundry, he read about tips in "backgammon for blood" by bruce becker (with a quote on the front by burt bacharach!!). besides the all the lovely alliteration, the cover is pretty amusing too! soon, c will teach me what he learns from mister becker we'll be playing for blood and looking sinister too!

today i attended my very first wedding. you would think that at the ripe old age of thirty-three i would have attended somebody's wedding by now, but today was my first. it was a family wedding and not at all what i was expecting. it was a second marriage for c's uncle who is in his sixties (his wife died last june). it was also a german mennonite wedding so there was no drinking (not even champagne!) nor was there any dancing (just like in footloose!). plus both the bride and groom are missionaries so the only music was religious hymns and something sung in german (that was probably also a hymn). it was an extremely religous ceremony even though it didn't take place in a church. i grew up in a very catholic household, but our religion was pretty much based on guilt...so i really wasn't used to all of the 'praise jesuses' that was going on this afternoon. but there was good food, tasty pickles and quite a few of the main dishes involved raisins -- which i loved and ate way too much of. plus, there was a guest who spoke with a perfect yooper accent -- tho we later found out that she lived in saskatchewan.

for my entire life -- up until i fell in love with cornelius -- i never ever wanted to get married, let alone have a wedding ceremony. i just didn't see the point of it. but now i can actually see why having some kind of public declaration in front of friends and family is an important event. sure, this wasn't my idea of a fantastic wedding, but seeing the couple say their vows to one another was touching and sweet...even though these vows were generously peppered with "jesus" and "lord" and "him (with a capital h)". anyway, i am definitely excited to attend 2 weddings this summer with drinking, dancing and good friends. i guess 2004 is offically the year i popped my wedding cherry. finally!

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