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February 24, 2004 - 5:28 pm

my friend m wrote me an email today. i'll post that here instead of complaining about the fact that my doctor still hasn't received my test results and no one at the doctor's office seems to care that i am freaking out. now on to that email:

hi oh-sweet-pea. i saw "american splendor" last night. it wasn't exactly inspiring... it was just sort of comforting, a redemption of the nerds. sometimes it reminded me of my life in vancouver (minus the steady job). actually, i feel like a less successful r. crumb in relation to pj (a friend of ours), who would be harvey pekar minus the job, the girlfriend and the comic book. hope davis' character (and the cute kid) made the movie worth watching, or i'd just think "ah, what's the point?"

hope you got some straight answers from your doctor today, or yesterday.

i'm trying to quit smoking pot. i kind of miss it, but then i remind myself that i wasn't really enjoying it that much, anyway. it's my youth that i miss. maybe that's why people have kids.

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