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February 17, 2004 - 6:03 pm

today i had my ultrasound. the woman put some hot jelly (it really was!) on my belly and pressed my tum with what looked like a price scanner. even though my belly was hurting because i had to pee so badly, the doctor said that my bladder wasn't full enough! i couldn't believe it as i had downed a large coffee and a couple glasses of water and held it in all morning cuz they wanted me with a full bladder. but besides the pressing, it was actually a relaxing experience. i didn't find out any actual results (they'll come to my doctor on thursday) but i'm sure if it was really bad they would have told me right there.....right??

c and i went for a beer afterwards and now i'm debating if i should go to the evaporators show later tonight. rock or relax?? a hard choice.

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