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February 15, 2004 - 9:07 pm

doesn't anyone update their diary anymore? jeez. it's also upsetting to see that so many of the diaries/journals/blogs that i've been reading for a long time are being abandoned. am i wasting my life spending so much time here on dland? have others clued in and i haven't? well, have no fear, i don't have any plans on going anywhere...tho maybe it is time to shed this ol' skin and find a new name and home, a la jetbot/demoderby. i'm just too busy to do anything about it yet.

this weekend was nice. c and i slept in on saturday, ate french toast and worked on the new york times crossword while listening to "the love below". we then walked to the drive and meanered in and out of stores, bought magazines and took home some bbq meat to eat. we watched a couple of movies, all the real girls (which was lovely) and american splendor (which was brilliant), ate fresh pinapple (on sale!) and drank champagne. mmm.

this morning i baked a chocolate layer cake for my friend carley's birthday. c and i carried it to the alibi room where we all gathered for brunch. it was a nice breakfast with great food and i actually had a good time chatting with a huge table of new faces. it was funny cuz with the exception of cornelius, everyone was a designer which didn't make me ill at all. really. we walked home in the mist and spotted not one bald eagle on top of the church by our house, but two. c and i then sat on the couch to finish the crossword and then cleaned up the dishes. i tried to start coding my new portfolio website, but i just couldn't do it. writing code isn't a fun way to spend a sunday afternoon. however, i did manage to design a template for a new freelance client. i guess it isn't a real weekend without some form of work.

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