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February 10, 2004 - 6:32 pm

i have the day off tommorrow! i'm pretty excited and i've already begun to start planning. for tonight, i have varous options. i have to do the dishes cuz it's getting disgusting and we've lost every stretch of counter space in our kitchen. we're coming close to losing our kitchen table due to excess dirty dirty dishes. ewww. i also should finish up doing the crap work (ie. optimizing and resizing images) for the photography site i'm working on. i also have to squeeze in a workout tonight. if i get all of that done tonight, then tommorrow i will pick up my mystery hold from the library and buy some paint for the livingroom. if i get really inspired, i will paint at least 2 walls in our livingroom while c is at his library job. if i actually acomplish this, i will be super proud and happy. odds are tho, i'll probably only run minor errands.

i better get to work before this diary gets even more deathly boring. sorry!

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