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February 09, 2004 - 6:06 pm

weekends are supposed to be relaxing, right? ha! unfortunately, i didn't have time to relax not once. it was a crazy weekend, but it was fun and i got lots of things done. do i want another one just like this next weekend? no way!

friday night, cornelius and i went to the ridge to see my life without me starring sarah polley, debbie harry and the delicious mark ruffalo. it was an okay movie but i balled my eyes out. it actually took place in vancouver and wasn't disguised as BigAmericanCity. it also was about a girl who had a cancerous tumor in her uterus. wheee! after the tears dried up, we went out for a yummy indian dinner at nirvana.

we didn't have much time to sleep in on saturday, as we had lots to do. cleaning, errands, website building and household fix-ups replaced leisurely breakfast and the crossword. we were running up until we met up with kyla and sergio at the main. after dinner and beers, we headed to the cambrian hall to see p1ano and the butt1ess chaps. it was our friend's birthday and the show was doing double duty as a political fundraiser and a shake-yer-booty dance party. p1ano was better than i've ever seen them and the butt1ess chaps were fantastic! we danced like maniacs and continued until after 3am with our friend randy spinning tracks for the rest of the night.

you'd think that sleeping in would be only the most natural thing to do next. unfortunately, that didn't happen. i had planned to have people over at 9:30 am for some beer, basketball and breakfast. i didn't get up until 9:30 and thankfully our first guest didn't come by until shortly after 10am. it was great. good food and good times, and i think the lakers won (probably the only sour note of the morning). after the house cleared around 3pm, cornelius hitched a ride to the drive with randy and anita and got groceries cuz i had planned to have my friend carley over for dinner. yes, i am truely insane. we did some crafting and lots of chatting and we ate homemade pizza and heart-shaped cookies. kyla even managed to come by after she left sergio at the bus station. i'd love to say it was fun and good times, but it seemed more like a blur. i was pretty wiped out and still felt hungover by the time everyone left.

and like that, the weekend was over.

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