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January 06, 2004 - 8:56 pm

well the snow storm was really not much of one. i went to work and got out early, tho it was partially due to the server not working. oh well, i was glad to go home and watch oprah. i also got my parent's xmas parcel in the mail today! i love extended holidays in the form of presents. what was inside? well, lots (and for once no vitamins or post-it notes). a bottle of elizabeth arden's green tea perfume (mmm!), a subscription to martha stewart living (yup), some nice smelling soaps, a copy of the stitch n' bitch book (now i have two!! one will go back to chapters where i'll be buying this) and loads of chocolate.

i'm feeling all nice and warm and cozy. our living room is shaping up nicely since we moved a couch, making it much more spacious. it's made me feel more active in tackling our living room problems. it's so much better than before. it also helps that c is playing a bunch of music that i haven't heard in ages and i'm loving it so! songs like 'tom courtney' by yo la tengo and songs by jim o'rourke. it's bringing back all good memories and it feels just so nice. amazing what music can do. i'm getting lazy when it comes to music. i'd rather have c put on something of his choosing than bother to look for something myself. sure, it's not like that all the time, but i've noticed that it might just be a symptom of getting older or something cuz i never used to be so lazy with my music. i used to work in a record store and i was the perfect record store snobby girl. oh well, times change. but i think it would be good to get some new music of my choosing.

tommorrow c's mom will be coming over for dinner and we'll have a belated birthday celeb for cornelius. his dad is on a 3 week kayaking adventure in thailand so i think c's mom is feeling a bit lonely. i'll cook and make a pie and we'll play board games. it will be nice.

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