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January 05, 2004 - 9:34 pm

there is a huge dumpload of snow predicted for tonight and tommorrow. i am not used to this snow!! in the past 9 years or so that i've lived here it's probably snowed less than a handful of times and only lasts a day or so. but now it's been almost a week and it's so damn chilly out! i'm no longer climatized to this weather anymore. but there is that little girl inside of me that is totally praying for a huge storm so that i don't have to head into work tommorrow. (please please please please please)

last night and tonight i worked out. yay me! it's been ages since i've done excercise and i can totally feel my muscles or lack of them. yikes. i guess i'm feeling that new years start anew glow, but i hope i can stick with it. it's been a month since i've ridden my bike to work and that makes me feel lazy (tho it's been due to slippery streets and the ice and snow). maybe one day i might even sign up for yoga class (ha!)

i've just watched my first episode of the o.c. i just wish i remembered how to cast on so i wouldn't have felt completely useless. i'll have to wait for c to come home from work and let him decipher the instructions. damn, i wish i had a better memory!! at least i remembered how to do the slip knot. grrrr.

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