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December 23, 2003 - 8:37 pm

it's been a long time since i've had time to myself and time for this diary. i'm actually sneaking a few hours to eat and take a relaxing bubble bath and listen to my motown christmas record (it is the season after all). i had a stressful day of work and came home late to an empty home...but there was a delicious chicken dinner in the oven, courtesy of cornelius. what would i do without that boy?? he is my love and i'm sooo happy because of it. i've got tears in my eyes and i'm getting mushy over everything this evening. it must be the non-stop work, the lack of sleep and the bad eating habits. or it could just be pms. i received a lovely and completely unexpected package courtesy of the sweetest of sweets, miss shadowdress, and got weepy over her generosity. i'm listening to stevie sing "someday at christmas" and those damn heart strings keep tugging.

i guess i've been on auto-pilot for the past 2 weeks. shuffling between two part time jobs that take up more time than one full time job, 2 new freelance clients and another long-standing freelance client. yet somehow i managed to get all my christmas shopping done, clean the apartment, attend back to back parties, make cards, crafts and foodie gifts, including 2 kinds of fudge and a pretty white chocolate and candy cane bark. i don't know how i managed it all. i'm beat but i can definitely look back and feel some sort of accomplishment. hooray me!!

sure i did a lot of work and i did a lot of giving, but this week i also did lots of yummy selfish things. i spent quite a bit of money on a new lovely winter wool 'admiral's' coat. sure, it was on sale at the gap but i'm used to buying winter coats at value village for under $10, so spending over a hundred dollars is a big splurge. i also bought a lovely pink button-down shirt and some mac shadow. it's crazy, but i'm starting to feel more grown-up. i think the fact that i'm feeling more confidant in my work has some reflection on how i feel on the inside -- and how i want to project my outsides. i guess it's about time i started feeling like a thirty-three year old girl!

random goodness:

* yesterday i ate the best pineapple. and it was on sale!

* my lovely pink mixer from kyla! streamline and sexy!

* christmas lights. especially when you squint.

* stevie wonder singing christmas songs (tho i'd be happy if all the diana ross songs would disappear from my record).

* pink mornings.

* fondue dinner with friends -- chocolate, cheese and tempura. best combo: pinapple dipped in bittersweet chocolate. mmmm.

* giving is really better than receiving.

* two weeks off from work....i just wish it was paid.

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