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November 27, 2003 - 5:39 pm

this morning i swear that i did a new entry here...but it's not here, so it must have been one of those weird awake-but-dreaming things. i've been working at home for the past 2 nights and staying up way too late, so morning fogginess can be forgiven.

work. it's all i think about. i have too much of it. i have meetings to atttend with clients. i have projects that are handed off to me at 5pm and expected to be done by 8am the next morning. i'm sad about not getting the communications manager position (it's true, i got the call yesterday). i'm worried that the other job i interviewed is taking too long in making it's decision. i'm scared that c can't find a job. i'm freaking cuz i feel like i could stay working for the temp agency for another year. work. huh. what's it good for?

tonight i can be happy and rejoice in the knowledge that i have no work waiting for me in my inbox. i am free!!

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