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November 25, 2003 - 9:15 am

i haven't heard back about either of the jobs i interviewed for last week. i was supposed to hear back yesterday for one of them, so i guess that means i didn't get it. i'm pretty upset because i really did have a great feeling about that job and that company. i guess i'll just continue working contract until the magical day comes when someone wants to hire me full time. oh lordy.

last night, me and c rode our bikes to the foundation to meet a past client who bought us dinner. the food was so yummy and it was nice talking with someone we actually respect and admire. our bike ride home was another matter. cold, wet snow that pelted our eyeballs and made seeing a real problem. we were drenched and freezing by the time we got home, but homemade cookies and hot chocolate and fuzzy pjyamas made all the difference in the world.

i've started knitting and purling (k2, p2). it's pretty nerve-wracking because i've never mixed the 2 before and i've already unravelled the scarf three times now. i hope i have the patience and the skillz to keep up! but the small bit i do have looks so lovely and ribbed. an xmas present for my brother.

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