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November 20, 2003 - 5:34 pm

i had my interview yesterday and it went well. i feel like i actually have a shot of getting the job, which is a rather nice feeling. but it's been a crazy week and i'm feeling the burn and it's not over just yet. tommorrow i have a 2nd job interview with the company i interviewed with last week and i also have a very unexpected freelance meeting after work. so tonight i will have to do more research and studying for this interview. and i'll also worry about the fact that c has had no luck in his job hunt and is feeling downer than down. i'll have to stress about the fact that i was stupid in regards to contract dealings with the freelance client and will now have to renegotiate. i just want it all to end. i want the happiness without the worry. i want to turn the world on with a smile. oh wait, don't i do that already? ha.

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