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November 02, 2003 - 5:28 pm

getting out of bed at 2pm just doesn't leave one with a whole lot of time to get shit done.

bellingham was great, as always. we had breakfast at the old town cafe and proceeded to spend much time at a fantastic antique mall. i didn't spend a thing. at a thrift store close by, i bought a magazine, a cookbook, a gingham snap cowboy shirt all for the lovely price of $2. after resting up with some beer and scatagories at a local pub, we headed to the value village and the mall where we all ended up shopping up a storm. c and i made an impulse buy at target (for a straw dispensor, of all things -- we have a lot of drinking straws!) and sadly, when we got it home, we realized that our straws are too long for the fucking dispensor. i guess that's what one gets for buying a drinking straw dispensor at target.

we ate mexican at our favorite place and i had the most delicious green magma quesadilla (sprouts, beans, cheese, peanuts). it was also happy hour (from 9pm to 11pm), so i filled up on lime margaritas and didn't realize until i stood up how drunk i really was. we headed to the bowling alley where it was packed with kids and smoke and c drank a beer in a bowling pin shaped bottle. we left before our lane was called, as we were getting tired and decided that it was time for some border crossing and bed.

so i've now been up for 3 and a half hours and it's dark out and i'm still in my pyjamas. i think i will spend the rest of the night cleaning out my closets and sewing missing buttons back where they belong.

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