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October 30, 2003 - 4:50 pm

today was a much better day indeed. work was better. phew. i designed our vancouver office's xmas card and i have to say that it is a buttfull of ugly. no fault of my own tho, as i was handed a photograph of vancouver that someone had put through a filter in photoshop (i think it was sketch-plaster, no less). i despise all photoshop filters!

but the best news was that my boss mentioned that they were planning on firing one of the other designers (who i actually really like but i can understand why she is getting the heave) and had offered the job to my friend who covered for me when i was away in september! for selfish reasons, this made me very happy. i emailed my friend and asked if he'd be willing to work 3 or even 4 days there, so i wouldn't have to work there as much and could work at my new job instead. i think this brilliant plan of mine would be the perfect solution. my friend would get extra needed hours, my boss wouldn't have to totally lose me, and i would be one fucking happy camper!

yesterday's anger gave way to much productivity.

my very first homemade book

i made the prettiest book with pink textured paper insides and a heavier chocolate brown paper exterior. the book is binded with pink embroidery floss and i made the back cover extra long so that it folds over the front and ties with a button closure! it's a present for a friend of mine to jot down all her library book finds and just to keep track of what she's been reading. i even made a library pocket in the back and i'll be heading to the library across the street where i'll try and "borrow" a stamped library card to put inside. luckily, the library across the street functions as both a public and a children's school library, so those old fashioned cards are plentiful!

and just to keep those good feelings going, i'm posting a pic of our pumpkin pie from last night. mmmmm. and we'll be heading off to the store to buy pumkins to carve! i love autumn!!

my pie!

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