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October 28, 2003 - 9:19 pm

this evening, me and the c explored our neighbourhood in cozy darkness. i could easily gush about why i love my neighbourhood (like a certain mrs-roboto). we went to my favorite cambodian/vietnamese restaurant on my favorite street in chinatown and as i slurped my soup, i told c how happy i was and how happy i was with our 'hood. he joked that there is so much to do here, especially if we played majong or smoked crack (as our hood borders chinatown and the downtown eastside). he's a funny guy, that c! but we love it here and hope that we can one day find the perfect permanent home in this neighbourhood. we can't stay in our cramped one-bedroom forever. across from the restaurant, we spotted a great looking apartment building and on closer inspection, it turned out to be a co-op, so we've decided to fill out an application just to see what happens.

i've been so happy lately and i know it's all because of my new job. i just love it there! i love having my own office and listening to good music and working on relatively fun projects. i hope hope hope things turn out in my favour for perm work. maybe next week i'll find out if i could have a more steady schedule and then i can really think about quitting my other job. oooh!!!! the possibilities!

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