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October 23, 2003 - 5:59 pm

yesterday the lovely and talented miss kyla swung by our apartment and taught me and cornelius how to knit! it was pretty exciting tho i'm afraid to say i was a bit slow on the uptake....even c caught on much faster than i did (tho he did say that knitting reminded him of drumming and he was a drummer for awhile). we repayed her with a full dinner of yummy curried oven fries and a cumin-garlic sour cream dip, delicious red wine and some super velvety coconut-yam soup. we even had homemade cookies for dessert that c had made for me last week when i was feeling blue. yup, the feeling in our house last night was cozy. it felt pretty great learning something new with a full belly and a clean house.

yesterday while at work i realized that i actually know quite a bit about what i'm actually doing. although i feel pretty confidant as a web designer, being a graphic designer is something that i fell into out of the blue. i had never used illustrator, pagemaker, or indesign before and i feel like i know a lot now through learning on the job. i've designed greeting cards, logos, brochures, twelve-foot signs and today i made a design that will end up on a hard-hat. yup, i'm feeling pretty confident about my abilities. it's a good feeling.

tonight's dinner is sadly no gastronomic extravaganza. only buttered toast and some left over rice. but i'm enjoying every minute of it. and i'm looking over at my yarn and thinking that a movie and another good knitting session is definitley in order. sadly, i don't think i'm able to knit and read at the same time, cuz the book i've got going on is pretty damn good so far.

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