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October 21, 2003 - 5:16 pm

missadventures pretty much summed up most of my thoughts for this afternoon. but, i'd like to add a couple of my own (though, in my own shambled prose).

why is it that when i leave the house i look fine -- great even (sometimes), but when i get to work, i look like a shlump. dishevelled. a mess. and everyone else around me looks fucking fantastic. good hair, great clothes and well put-together. all my clothes have loose threads, stains and never seem to fit quite right. who are you people and why do you mock me? i definitely need a new mirror/wardrobe/outlook.

i am thirty three years old. why do i still feel like such a kid? unsure about my life and direction. i'm scared of interacting with other people. i can't even make small talk. i still dream of being a superstar. to quote my dad here: what gives?

alright, that's all the gripes i can muster for now. and i can think of two good things that happened today:

1. c had a job interview for a flash designer position. my fingers are crossed.

2. my boss loved the design that i did for a client today. she was very effusive and a couple people in the office came by to let me know how much they liked it too. (it was pretty good)

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