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October 21, 2003 - 9:19 am

i'll be leaving for work shortly so i don't really have much time to write. actually, lately i haven't found much time at all. between working all my jobs (3!) and living my life, i don't have much time to write in my diary. i'm going to be doing some serious thinking about my job situation and feel that i am close to cutting the ties that bind me to the temp agency. i love my graphic design job, but hate the agency that found me the job. i can't believe i've been with them for almost a year....i mean isn't it supposed to be temporary?? this gouging on my paycheques just isn't acceptable anymore. i'm going to spend my evenings applying to all the jobs that i can find. and then once, my search is over, then maybe i can find more time to writing here.

yesterday i moved into my new office. it has one brick wall and the wall that faces the hallway is all glass which means that i can look into the woman's office across the hall and see the water view outside her window. it's nice and large and about the same size as our bedroom. i told c that maybe instead of storing all my old summer clothes here, maybe i'll just stuff them into the filing cabinets at work.

anyway, i should rummage through my cds and take a bunch to work so that i can put them into itunes there. luckily, there is now itunes for windows xp and that's what i use at work. hello miss dynamite!

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