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October 19, 2003 - 11:31 am

last night we went over to my friend dan's house and ate great food and got all drunk on beers and a hot drink called "southwest cider". mmmm. it was also the very first time that i made a '7 layer dip', as it seemed appropriately to make some sort of trashy food, and i accidentally made a recipe that could have easily fed 30 hungry people. unfortunately, there were just 6 of us but we certainly did make quite a dent into the bean-y mass. it was good to be around a group of friends and just laugh and be silly. so i got a bit drunked up, so what?

this morning after a quick breakfast, me and c are heading to abbotsford to visit his grandmother. i still not sure about these family obligations of his (and now mine). i'm certainly not used to it, as i only see my family once a year tops and even when i lived at home, external family was rarely involved. i don't quite get this being part of the family business. oh well, at least i won't have to cook dinner.

in completely other news, i've got a new zine idea and i'll need some sort of layout program and i'd really like to use indesign. problem is, of course, i don't have it. i've got a mac os9 and need information. does anyone know where i can get a copy for free?? although all my software has come from cracked sources, i myself have never done it and i have no clue as to where one does. i need help! if anyone is willing to burn me a copy too, i'd be very generous with gifts and praise. help!!

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