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October 13, 2003 - 9:45 am

gorky's was amazing. i loved just how into playing music they were; their concentration was extraordinary. and yes, they did play "poodle rockin" and also "spanish dance troupe" which is also another favorite. i got drunk and silly and saw my old ex which was nice. the bike ride there and back was rain-soaked and surprisingly my hair looked cute during the show (very important).

i also started 2 books the other day. one is the chuck barris autobiography, 'confessions of a dangerous mind' (i haven't seen the movie) and the other is like family: growing up in other people's houses - a memoir about a girl and her sisters who grow up as foster children. i quickly ran into my new favorite library on saturday, scanned the new release shelves and picked up these two books. i'm surprised at the quality of writing in 'confessions' and the first page is probably the most complete and great first page i have ever read. i mean i've read some really great first lines before, but this is the first time that i really got excited about an entire page! so far, the book is really kicking ass (and i've never seen the gong show). 'like family' was spine up on a trolly beside the new release shelf. c thought i picked it because of the cover (it's a very pretty peach round suitcase and i own an exact replica in white), but i can honestly say, it was the spine. it's a good read as well. i'm nosy and love memoirs and i've always wondered what it would be like to be a foster child.

yesterday we did 3 large loads of laundry at c's parents house (his parents are on vacation). we also cooked ourselves a pretty tasty thanksgiving dinner: candied yams, brussles sprouts, garlic mashed potatoes, onion gray, rosemary and lemon roast chicken and for dessert, pumpkin pie. it was pretty fantastic though a bit weird eating it all in a very suburban home. we watched the old movie "laura" and then caught half a documentary on the passionate eye about the children of rock stars. it's when i watch the passionate eye (or think of watching martha, or any number of shows on the food network or the home channel or even bravo) that i wish that i did have cable. oh well, there's other people's homes for that kind of stuff.

today, i've got loads of work. computer work. 2 different freelance projects. bah. i hope that i can squeeze in time to see my friend dan today. let's hope.

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