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October 10, 2003 - 4:42 pm

i sent out c to buy gorky's zygotic mynci tickets for tommorrow night!!! i would have gone with him but i had just gotten out of the bath after a rain-soaked bike ride home from work. ooh, but tommorrow night! i've never seen gzm before and i really hope they do poodle rockin (bonus: mp3!! warning: high bandwith!!). i'm also excited to see 'kingsbury manx' open up cuz i loved their first album and listened to it constantly until it mysteriously disappeared during a move. i can't wait for tommorrow night! actually i can't wait until c gets home with the tickets and movies. we'll order pizza and eat popcorn and just relax.

yesterday after work, i saw 'lost in translation' with kyla. i think that we are the only people on this entire planet that didn't particularily like the movie. i loved bill murray and i like scarlett johannsen but i didn't really care much for the movie at all. the sexual tension was just dumb and the ending was a copout. maybe it's just that i hated her previous movie -- and the golden spoon dangling from her mouth.

anyway, onwards to better things! onward long weekend! onward rock show!

like totally!

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