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October 08, 2003 - 7:34 pm

okay, so i've already deleted and edited this first paragraph twice. to make a stupid story long, i think someone is reading my diary that i know in the real world. i don't really know this person, so i don't really care. but it's strange. on to something else. sorry, an online-diary-freak-out. i'm allowed one a year, aren't i?

today at my other job, my boss handed me a notice for a graphic design job working for the same company in pheonix, arizona. she said she'd give me a great reference and says that i should apply. i'm almost tempted. actually, i'd totally be tempted if it wasn't for pheonix. i mean, i've never been there but it certainly doesn't seem like a very exciting place. isn't it just old people and big businesses? and i don't know how easy it would be for c to find a job there -- y'know, as a canadian citizen. i don't think work permits are that easy to get. i dunno, i'll have to think about it. i have until mid-november.

but for now my stressful life is less stressful. tonight, c and i made a fabulous pasta primavera with shrimp and we used up almost all of the summer blackberries to make a pie (thankfully, we have one container left in our freezer!) tommorrow i'm meeting up with kyla for a matinee and surely some beers to make up for lost visits. and on the long weekend, c and i will have a car and i can finally go and randsack his parents house for my box of toques and mittens and scarves that i seem to have misplaced somewhere. plus, we'll go to faraway garage sales, get a pumpkin and make a thanksgiving feast. i can't wait!

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