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September 18, 2003 - 9:38 am

i'm in toronto and we're staying with my friends, craig and aaron. they are fags deluxe. aveda products up the wazoo (including something for complex cuticle problems) and lots of hospitality extraordinaire. i love them! today (if c ever wakes up) we'll do some shopping and some art-gallery-ing and i've already spotted one pair of shoes that i will definitely buy. i promised that i'd only buy 2 pairs of shoes and i plan on buying 2 pairs here in toronto -- the "hot chocolate" cons that i bought for $20 in chicago just don't count. i also plan on meeting up with an old friend and later tonight we'll be heading to an art opening. i'll also find time to send out a few more postcards too -- i've sent about half out already!

more when i get back to my home sweet home.

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