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August 31, 2003 - 3:10 pm

i know labour day isn't until tommorrow, but i've really been putting the labour into this weekend. today i decided that me and c would give our apartment a total head to toe clean-up. c tackled the kitchen and i did the bathroom. the smell of vim mixed with our vigor and voila! cleanOrama! it's the kind of cleaning that you do when your mom comes to visit (luckily i've never had first hand experience of my mom visiting me, but you get the picture). i guess i'm just freaked that someone i kinda know will be staying here to look after snoopy and our apartment while we will be gone on vacation. so, i want to leave the impression that we're not just nice but clean to boot. we have a lovely deep clawfoot tub, but the enamel is half off and it has always looked skungy. well, no more. the enamel is still in rough shape and prolly even rougher after i took steel wool to the tub, but man, it's now pearly white! both me and c were in amazement at how good it looked. i feel loads better about living in a clean apartment. we've been slacking for too long.

yesterday -- after filing an online police report -- we headed out to garage sales where i only found one thing: a new orleans shot glass with a red lobster glued on! price: free! i'm going to give it to my friend dan who will appreciate its crustacian charms. we stopped off in the west 10th neighbourhood for burgers (mmmm!) and checked out some of the shops. we then retired the car to burnaby and took a well deserved nap. we awoke to find the sun going down and we raced our bikes to the rotating restaurant in the sky where we drank manhattans and mai-tai's. the drinks were strong and we stayed an entire 360 degree spin and listened to the crooner belt out bad celine dion songs mixed in with some ella. it was loads of fun. it was after midnight when we left the spinning lounge and we found a korean restaurant that was open. both c and i had never had korean food before and despite the warnings of my korean friend meesoo who said korean food was gross, we went in. it was an interesting experience. to order we had to ring a buzzer on our table to call the waiter and we ordered some kimchee fried rice (mmm) and some bib im bap (yuck). but i liked the experience: korean students drunk on soju and a milky liquor that came from strange looking blue and clear glass bottles.

i'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon planning for our trip. we'll be going to ontario via the states (with stops to mount rushmore, yellowstone national park, and chicago) and we'll come back through canada. does anyone have any suggestions on what to do or interesting places to go? our main concern is finding cheap but decent accomodation in chicago so if anyone can recommend something, i'd be very appreciative. also, if anyone would like a postcard from some crazy small town, just let me know in my guestbook or email and i'll be sure to get your address.

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