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August 30, 2003 - 7:58 am

the idea of a road trip just keeps getting closer and closer. right now the plan is to leave on sept. 6 and return on the 26th. i'm excited but i still have a nagging worry about money and jobs. sigh. if only i could be incredibly spontanious. i've also got a canker sore on my tongue which is the first sign of a cold for me. well, i've got a whole week to get rid of it or make it not happen at all. my fingers are crossed and i have orange juice at my side.

yesterday at work, my boss told me that she really loves the work that i do and she wants me in for for three days a week rather than just two. i like my job and i love my boss but i just really hate the fact that a temp agency is holding the reigns and taking half of my money. it's pretty frustrating. and apparently the temp agency is sending someone down to my workplace next week to have a meeting with me and my boss! i have no idea what that's about and it freaks me out. grrrrrr. in other work news, the freelance work didn't come this week due to a hold up at the client's end, so i should be getting something early next week. i hope so! i just hope that it doesn't conflict with my trip!

but it's the long weekend, so i'm going to try not to think about work and getting sick. today c and i will spend the morning visiting garage sales in the richy-rich areas of town and then we will ditch the car and ride around on our bikes looking for adventure. we will celebrate our one-year anniversary by eating a nice dinner and going to the big revolving lounge in the sky for drinks. we plan to tip the piano player big so that she can play our favorite inkspots song, "i don't want to set the world on fire" -- cuz she prolly doesn't know the tune to "our" real song, "dancing on the moon (with a girl in your arms)" which is the song for an old 20's cartoon. i'm hoping that tommorrow afteroon we'll be playing croquet with randy and his girl and then playing boardgames out in the suburbs....we are taking care of c's parents home so we better make full use of surburban living.

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