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August 19, 2003 - 11:33 pm

i've spent the evening making a mix cd for a certain miss san francisco and it turned out so lovely. even better was the cover design. usually i am the most lazy sort who never really bothers with such elements...but then again, i'm more a mixed-taped-making-girl than a mixed-cd-making-technologically-inclined-lady. but anyways, the cover design turned out pretty spendid and then i wondered what it would be like to actually design record jackets and band show posters for reals. only recently have i began to explore the world of print design and trying on picas instead of pixels (actually, i just use inches but picas just seems so old school). i have lots of friends in bands so it would make sense that i would at least try. so i will make it some kind of concrete goal that i approach one of my rock n' roll friends and ask if i could make them at least a poster. it wouldn't really hurt things, would it? i don't think so.

but i guess i should stop my daydreaming and actually try to figure out some thoughts for my meeting tommorrow. bah. i'm such a bad worker.

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