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August 19, 2003 - 2:36 pm

i was planning on heading to the pacific nation exhibition today for rides and mini donuts and farm animals, but i decided to postpone my p.n.e. visit until tommorrow afternoon. i have a meeting with my new web contract tommorrow in burnaby and i thought i'd feel less stress if i was somewhat prepared. and by prepared i meant getting my haircut and doing some laundry. getting the laundry done was no problem, but it turns out getting a short-notice hair cut at a reasonable price is pretty damn hard in this city. where does everyone go to get their haircut?? i usually go to some girl's apartment in the westend and she cuts it for 30 bux (she's a really good trained stylist), but i think she must be on vacation or getting married or something cuz she hasn't returned my call.

i'm still growing out my bangs and i'm getting frustrated, so my plan was to chop off most of my hair so that the bangs would seem almost lengthy in comparison, but my plan isn't working. every hair shop i call is 40 bux and over and i just can't get used to paying over the 40 dollar mark. i am cheap and i'm not afraid to say it. since my last-minute haircut isn't going to happen and i'm fully prepared to look like shit at my meeting tommorrow, i'm going to plan ahead and make an appointment for the weekend. does anyone have any suggestions for a good, reasonable haircut in vancouver? i'm getting desperate and i'm thinking of giving cornelius the scissors (he's cut my hair twice before and i can't believe i didn't learn my lesson the first time.....)


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