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August 18, 2003 - 8:04 pm

i haven't had dinner yet (and i skipped lunch for that matter) and there is nothing in the fridge. my tummy is rumbling and i'm hoping cornelius will want to go to my favorite cambodian/vietnamese restaurant in chinatown for some noodle soup. the weather is slightly cool and i'll probably wear a cardigan, so soup makes sense.

speaking of food, if anyone wants the recipe to the lemon-blackberry-coconut cake that i made this weekend, you can find it here. it was soooo good and i'm definitely making it again. (but let the buttercream icing sit in the fridge for a few hours before you ice the cake or it will be as runny as soup...just a tip).

this afternoon i went with my friend kristen to see 'legally blonde 2'. yup. it was pretty pretty pretty pink. and i laughed. and since then i've been doing some freelance work and the logo i've been working on looks pretty sweet.

my mind keeps drifting to food and the lamb that randy cooked for us last night and the wine that we drank and the cheesy cornbread he whipped up. damn, i've got to get some foods.

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