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August 17, 2003 - 7:48 pm

yesterday was the bestest. we formed a small bike posse of four and headed to the race track to go bet on the ponies. we caused quite a fuss the gates cuz we sped right past the guards who yelled at us cuz we didn't pay the 10 bux admission fee (the p.n.e. is also going on at the same time) and after some rigamarole we managed to deke out all payment. i hadn't gone to the horse races since i was a kid with my dad, but i had so much fun. we were celebrating kyla's birthday (which actually isn't until next weekend) and we bet on every race and ate cupcakes and drank beer in between. i managed to win a grand total of 10 bux or so for the whole day, so i was pretty happy.

we then rode our bikes back to commercial drive and ate dinner at a new bbq place. holy smoke. i don't think i've ever had so much meat in my life. i can't believe i was a vegetarian for over 10 years! man, this meat was good. we had a platter and with four people we all stuffed ourselves and still had enough to take home. it was extravagant in the meat department and i don't think i can eat like that for a long while, but i certainly enjoyed every finger-lickin' bit.

we then headed back to kyla's to watch kingpin, drink strong margaritas and eat the lemon/coconut/blackberry buttercream cake that i had made. the cake turned out beautifully and we got pretty drunk swilling back the margaritas.

it's always great having other people's birthdays. no worries about who's going to show up or caring if everyone is having a good time. when you are the guest, it's nothing but fun times. making and giving gifts are great and spending times with friends are even better. yup, other people's birthdays are the best!

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