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August 13, 2003 - 9:23 pm

a good day at work. everything i was doing turned out great. i'm not bragging, it just did.

rode my bike down powell street after work to get to the gourmet food warehouse before it closed at five. powell at rush hour is hell. i rode a few blocks on the sidewalks just so i wouldn't die.

met up with kyla at her place. went to see 'owning mahowney'. it's a true-blue canadian film (telefilm and everything). bad canadian accents. i do not speak like that!

had beers at the portugese club. we're not portugese and we had to ring a buzzer to get in. we must have fooled 'em with our summer tans.

bike ride home was fantastic. warm night. skirt flew around well above my thighs and it was dark enough to not have to worry about decorum and stares.

home is where the hugs are. i am so happy.

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