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August 06, 2003 - 3:19 pm

having wheels is rad.

yesterday after eating a few blackberry pancakes (i had a bite of one with banana in it and once again realized that i really do hate bananas), i headed out on a bus to a value village at the other end of town. i had some good scores tho i was primarily looking for something for my friend's birthday, i ended up with stuff mainly for me. when i got home, me and c took an entirely new bus to the land known as north burnaby to borrow his parents car. we arrived in time for dinner with his mom and grandma (a grandma who feels exactly like pudding!! she's so cute!!) and then headed to burnaby lake park. it's quite beautiful and we saw lots of different birds and dolphins. well, we didn't see any dolphins but it was still nice.

our next stop was costco. oh my goodness! i have never been there and it was totally insane. everything was huge and cheap and i was extremely proud of my restrait. we bought only the most necessary things, including a three-pack of condoms so there will be lots of willy-nilly humping in our near future. with our condoms in tow, there was only one place to go next, the drive-in. it was pretty exciting. we saw "tomb raider" and it totally kicked ass. it was the perfect drive-in movie: action and sexiness and crazy stunts! we even stayed for the 2nd film, the mediocre "italian job" which was basically an advert for the austin mini cooper (which was okay by me).

and today before returning the car, we headed to hastings and nainimo area and bought all kinds of cheap groceries. that area is so amazing. lots of great stores and we found an italian restaurant that had cheap ($3.95!) and delicious panzerotti. mmmm. i'll be going back.

in other news, the hipster lady liked my 2nd flyer design so that is good to go. and i got called for an interview to do a website for an organization at sfu. it's a phone interview and i'll have to take friday morning off from work in order to do it....but i'm pretty excited. the pay is okay and it's a short contract that i hope will still let me take my planned road trip to chicago & ontario and everything in between in september. my fingers are crossed!

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