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August 04, 2003 - 2:51 pm

it's sunny out and it's a holiday but here i am indoors getting shit done. i guess it's a good feeling, but i'd rather be doing something other than designing or doing dishes. my flyer for the hipster artist/muscian is on it's 2nd draft. i liked the first draft (pdf format) much better...but it was much more my style than hers. the 2nd draft (which i won't post until it's complete) is more similar to her website and i'm still waiting for feedback. it's exciting tho!

yesterday i spent the afternoon picking blackberries with kyla in the same spot we picked last year ....now officially known as the blowjob blackberry spot. thankfully, this sunny sunday we didn't have to witness any blowjobs but our presence did scare away one car with a man and his "lady friend". we each picked about 5 litres worth and in about another week or so, there will be much more berries rippening and ready to pick. we came back here and immediately made ourselves a refreshing blackberry blender concoction. mmmm. and tommorrow morning i'm thinking blackberry and banana pancakes.

after a bbq'd salmon dinner, me and c headed to the drive to endulge in much free beer and brie at the bl!!c's final volunteer party. i've never been much for those parties, but last night was pretty fun. i chatted it up with many interesting boys and girls and got nice and drunked up. we were going to head to the railway to see some of our friends play, but we left the party at midnight and the show had ended by then. bah.

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