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July 18, 2003 - 7:31 am

well as it turns out i did go to the gym last night. it's so easy with my new "leisure access pass" and the fact that the community centre is just around the corner from me. i had forgotten how much i actually like being there on the stairmaster and rowing machine. i have no excuse not to go the the gym often. i was surprised that the gym was filled with whiteys (and every single one of them was under 30 with tatoos) especially since i practically live in chinatown. the ping-pong area, however, was bustling with asians. ping-pong is pretty cool.

but now my tummy is rumbling. i have to go to work and there is nothing in the fridge except left-over pavlova. i don't think i could start two mornings in a row with merange-y sweetness. i need real breakfast food, but i'm sure a whipped-cream covered strawberry wouldn't be a bad place to start....

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