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July 17, 2003 - 5:18 pm

my life has been busy. i'm not used to all the activity. it's certainly not a bad thing however.

tuesday night i saw trent harris' "beaver trilogy". the first short was a documentary about some kid harris stumbles upon as he is testing his camera. the kid does impressions and eventually convinces harris to come to a talent show where he'll be performing as "olivia newton dawn" in drag. i laughed but at the same time i felt it was a bit exploitative. the next short was a dramatization of the first event starring a very young sean penn. it wasn't very good. but the final film, was a 1/2 hour crispin glover extravaganza based on the same event called 'the orkly kid'. it was fucking amazing and reinforced my faith that crispin glover is a fucking genius and fucking hotter than HOTT to boot. fuck.

yesterday i put in a half day of work and then had to shop and plan a menu and bake and cook and clean and be all fancy-like to impress c's parents. needless to say, everything turned out like a charm....well except the fancy part. and i actually did put onions in the meal. not only in the fish dish that i made (mmmmm....fish baked in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, and green onions), but i finely chopped some onion for the lemon rice that i made as well. invisible and tasty. no one was the wiser. and c's onion-hating dad had seconds! but not only did i have a fine fish/rice/veggies/salad spread, i made the most grand of all deserts: a pavolva. mmmm. a merenge based bottom spread with a vanilla-cinnamony whipped cream and topped with fruit. it was the most amazing thing that i have ever baked. it looked spendid and tasted better. c's dad ate seconds of that too. you'd want seconds too!!


work has been crazy busy of late. next week i'll be working all week and it's been at least a few weeks since i've been able to take a lunch. when i work, i work. cornelius has been getting some pretty fine and supa bling bling freelance programming work. i'm glad at least one of us is bringing in the money. but it spoiled our plans for tennis tonight. oh well, those strathcona courts aren't going anywhere. i'll probably head to the gym instead.

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