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July 15, 2003 - 3:21 pm

what do you make for someone who hates onions? huh?? they must be crazy. well, i'm going to be making dinner for cornelius' parents tommorrow night and his dad hates onions. i'm thinking some kind of fish or some bbq'd kebabs with shrimp. i dunno.

in other news, i'm crossing things off my 'to do' list left and right. it's a good feeling. today i made an appointment for a doctor's visit which was on my new year's 2003 'to do' list. oh well. i also finally got my parks board recreation pass in the mail, which means half price gym use and free swimming! and right after i finish this entry i'm going to finish my pharmacare application and send off my ING direct cheque for my new joint account with cornelius....hello future! i'm on a definite roll!

cornelius just received his new spongywonder bike seat in the mail today. it's very strange. it will save his balls tho. oi.

tonight is the trent harris trio of movies at the blinding light. crispin glover here i come!

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